Why DNA testing while pregnant?

Why DNA testing while pregnant?

Nowadays, it is possible to do DNA testing while pregnant, and this was not possible before. Many people did this after pregnancy, but nowadays, DNA testing while pregnant has several advantages. Many people are faced with the question of what the sex of the child will be. Most people are told at the 20-week ultrasound, but this is not always possible. The doctor cannot always tell what the gender of your baby will be. With a DNA test during pregnancy, you can change this. This can be done from at least 9 weeks of pregnancy and poses no danger to your baby. The samples you take will be sent to a laboratory where they will be examined. The result is sent to you in an anonymous letter.

You can also have a DNA test done during pregnancy for other purposes. But what purposes? In this article, we will elaborate on this, so you will know more about it.

Paternity test at home

Besides determining the gender, you can also take a paternity test at home. With this test, you can determine who the father of the child is. If there are two alleged fathers, it is important to know who the father is. This is not only important as a mother, but also for the fathers. As a father, you want to know if the child is really yours. You can do a paternity test at home and take the samples yourself. These samples must be sent to a laboratory, and you will often get a result within a few weeks. Sometimes this is recommended by a judge and the samples must be taken by an independent person.

Fertility test

Many men are not sure if they are fertile. Especially if they are trying to have a child, and it just won’t work. This can make a man very insecure and especially if they are not sure if they are fertile. To help clarify this, you can do a home fertility test. You can then take samples of yourself and send them to a laboratory. The results are often sent to you within a few weeks and should provide more clarity about your fertility. Are you afraid that someone will see this? No problem because the results are sent in an anonymous letter, so no one will see it is from a DNA testing centre.

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