Satisfying Sex Secrets

Satisfying Sex Secrets

Which type of sex session do you like: hot and wild like Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray in Fifty Shades of Gray? Or is it the smooth and romantic style of Noah and Allie in The Notebook?

Whatever your style, sex can indeed be an effective way to increase the intimacy of husband and wife, while satisfying yourself and your partner. You can also increase your and your partner’s satisfaction by consuming Viagra. With Viagra, your erection will be long and you can continue to enjoy making love with your partner.

During lovemaking, the brain will flood the body with hormones and chemicals, especially oxytocin which has another name as a “love hormone”. Oxytocin will reduce feelings of stress and dramatically increase feelings of trust, security, bonding, and love.

The touch of the skin between you and your partner will also trigger the release of the love hormone, so that not only will the feeling of satisfaction reach orgasm, but also you will feel peaceful and comfortable. Your inner relationship and your partner will feel tighter, more than before making love. This is what is meant by inner satisfaction.

To achieve this, there are several things that you can both do. Like a plan to make a vacation trip, intimacy in the bed can also be prepared in advance.

1.    Speaking

Being passive or “waiting” during sex is tantamount to letting the opportunity to nurture intimacy with your partner just by passing. Don’t be shy to convey what you like and what doesn’t. There is no harm in expressing your liking for what your partner does through a sigh.

2.    Breathe in

Take a deep breath, can be done together with a partner, is a form of communication enjoyment and this can increase passion. In Trantik sex, also learned the importance of breathing together to create bonds and provoke eroticism.

3.    Limit disturbances

Avoid any interference that may arise. Make sure the children are sleeping well, the television is turned off, the phone is silent, and the bed is clean. The goal is that both of you can focus on each other.

4.    Open your eyes

Many people often close their eyes when making love. In fact, the sensation will be different if we keep our eyes open, at least part of the time. According to one study, when two people stare at close range, for example, 18-20 inches, certain parts of the brain will be active and create a feeling of calm and more bonded.

5.    “Pillow talk”

A small chat after making love can make the couple closer. Both of you can express mutual feelings of love or hope that have been ashamed to be revealed.

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