Bodybuilding Diet Rules That Are Easy To Follow

Bodybuilding Diet Rules That Are Easy To Follow

When you think of bodybuilding, you may picture extreme diets and crazy workouts that are extremely strict for maximum results. However, this isn’t necessarily the healthiest way to bulk up. In fact, if you look into it – as a bodybuilder, dieting should be simple. Intake of calories and protein simply need to be portioned according to your personal fitness goals. Here are 4 simple steps that are easy to follow for those looking to bulk up:

  1. Calories and Protein

Increasing calories and protein according to what you need to sustain your body consumption is the basic way to work towards your goal. You should work out how many calories you need to be eating extra per day. The best way of working this out is by using a calorie calculating formula. Once you have an achievable number to work towards, try this intake for 2 weeks and track it daily. If you find that the value you’ve chosen is making you lose weight, then adjust the calories by about 100/250 a day for another 2 weeks until you start to notice a difference. When it comes to protein, you should aim for 2kg of lean mass every day.

  1. When To Eat Protein

Timing your protein intake according to your day and workout regime is crucial for bodybuilding. You can trigger muscle protein synthesis every 4-6 hours by eating good quality protein such as chicken, or protein shakes. In general, keeping this up should help your diet dramatically. Many people prefer to consume protein only in shake form, one of the best health supplements, to then save up their meal times for calories only. This can, however, be an expensive way of getting protein into your diet.

  1. Carb Timing

Carbs should, in general, be eaten before a workout. A carb rich meal such as chicken and rice eaten three hours before a workout will greatly benefit your exercise regime. Then, post-workout you should limit yourself to a smaller carb snack such as bananas or tuna and crackers. Any carbs eaten post-workout are only useful if you’re constantly training, for example, Olympic athletes would use this carb intake technique.

  1. Supplements And Superfood

Supplements and probiotic tablets can be incredibly useful when you’re trying to bulk up. Supplements in terms of superfoods are great if you’re looking to dramatically increase your nutrient intake – which is again why many choose to take supplements in shake form. Though all nutrients can be extracted from a normal diet, the amount you need to consume to properly feel the benefit is often unachievable. This is why many personal trainers recommend taking superfood supplements.

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