Best Menopause Anxiety Treatment

Best Menopause Anxiety Treatment

In popular culture, menopause is most often associated with hot flashes, as if it were the only and most common symptom of a change of life. In reality, pre-menopause and anxiety go hand in hand together. How to overcome menopause anxiety?

Effective ways to combat anxiety menopause

Those women who have climacteric changes and suffer from being anxious reasonably wonder is there a menopause anxiety treatment? Below, there are two incredibly simple and easy to accomplish pieces of advice on how to improve your life while having a change of life anxiety.

Appropriate diet

To affect the manifestations of post-menopause symptoms anxiety, or, maybe, even level them out completely, a woman should add as much food with a high content of phytoestrogens to her diet as possible and reduce the consumption of animal food to a minimum.

Phytoestrogens interact with the hormone estrogen, having a beneficial effect on the body. There are plenty of them in legumes (soy, flax), as well as in apples, carrots, dill, celery, and parsley.

A decisive factor in the manifestation of menopause anxiety may be an excess of lactic acid. If a woman removes alcohol, caffeine, sugar and food allergens from her diet, she can forget about being anxious and also improve the general condition of the body. In some cases, simply eliminating coffee can completely eliminate menopause anxiety symptoms.

Fish oils

Daily intake of fish oils with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA is extremely beneficial for women who are experiencing menopause and anxiety. This substance generally has a good effect on patients with various types of psychological disorders.

Also, fish oils cope well with hot flashes, making them less intense and reducing their frequency.


An excellent helper in the fight against menopause anxiety symptoms is motherwort. This plant copes well with its task, simultaneously having a beneficial effect on heart health. If your main symptoms of pre-menopause and anxiety include heart palpitations and heartbeats, then motherwort will definitely help overcome them.


Maca is another remedy that can have a great effect on the body of a woman who is struggling with menopause anxiety symptoms. It helps increase estrogen production in the body and lower cortisol levels. Maca has an effect on the thyroid gland and pineal gland, which improves sleep, mood, energy, simultaneously leveling menopause anxiety, and even hot flashes.

Menopause anxiety symptoms include:

  •  Nausea;
  •  Panic attacks;
  •  Fatigue;
  •  Dizziness;
  •  Chills.

Black cohosh

Studies have shown that black cohosh is extremely useful for women who suffer from menopausal anxiety symptoms. The plant helps reduce also such post-menopause symptoms anxiety as heart palpitations. Some studies have used black cohosh in combination with St. John’s wort, red clover, soy and/or chaste berries to achieve the best effect.

Although all of these methods and substances are beneficial for women who struggle with menopause and anxiety, it is unacceptable to select them thoughtlessly and without consulting your gynecologist. Only the doctor can decide what is really good for your health.

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