Zvolen led from the first minute, but finally he lost in Trencin

TRENČÍN – The match score could have kicked Kutny in the opening minute, but his shot from a separate ride was only found by Šimka. For a moment, he went to Mikula’s penalty bench and the guests were able to get three seconds to use the power play. By a hard blow, Obshut pushed from the blue line. In the 12th minute it was a balance on the Klima hockey stick, whose goal was to score Buc with the goal but the home striker scored the goal scorers.

The interesting hockey continued in the middle of the game, but the goals did not get the spectators. The coach of Trenčania was happy with the game so far, but still wanted to change the line up. Hudec pushed through his defense, his shot Simko set off in front of him and skidding Šišovský padáčikum hit the upper grille of the gate.For a moment, Mikulov’s hard shot Simko knocked and puck bounced on the goal line. After half of the match, the Zvolenčania also got to the word. However, Pokovič had the Lašák’s flap to stand out and also covered the Škvaridla stop.

Trenčanom vstupoval do finále hry. In the power game, Kominek found the blue line of Bobcek, who compared to the top of the goal. Two minutes ago Dukla led. The experienced Petrovicky sent puck Mikul between the circles and shot the shot to the side of the home team. Those were riding a horse and another one hundred percent burned Kutna. Five minutes before the final siren he could win the victory of Trenčín Klíma. His shot was not good.Three points of Dukle secured Petrovický shot into the empty gate in the closing minute.

Milan Staš (coach of Trenčín): “We sneaked the start of the match and let the opponent lightly score a goal when Zvolen managed to use the power up to the extra time quickly. but we did not change them because there was no need for our hockey sticks, and for the second third we tried to play pressure-hockey, the team showed a fighting heart and an unbeatable will, we were always looking for a good result and in the third third we were happy to help us score the decisive goals We were a better team at the start of the match and we won the game.” ” The first third was not bad for us, except for the goal we shot. “

they also developed other good chances. But in the second third, we did not play dynamically and accurately. It culminated in the final third, when we got a balancing goal at our weakness, after which our self-confidence and gameplay lacked certainty. We won the second goal on our own fault and did not cover the player, and although we tried to ramp up the meeting and pick up some point, our opponent scored the third decisive goal. I’m not very happy with the performance of boys in this game, we have to break it and concentrate on more duels. “