Vůjtek Switzerland takes fourth sub

BRATISLAVA. Slovak ice hockey team coach Vladimír Vůjtek had before preparatory tournament in Swiss Arosa (19- 20 12) to make the squad already the fourth change.

After two training units on Wednesday left the team for health reasons striker Amur Khabarovsk Marcel Haščák.

“After the training he was not feeling well and examination by a specialist confirmed that this is a shingles.Marcel dostal immediately a strong antibiotic, “said the official website of the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation (SZĽH) the words physician representation Františka Okála.

Instead Haščák travel to Arosa attacker Czech Extra League Vítkovice Michael Vandas, who last start in the jersey of the Slovak Republic to Germany Cup in Munich. before Haščák has apologized for injuries and three other strikers Štefan Ružička, Ján Sýkora and Roman Rác.

Slovak hockey players embark on Friday the 19thDecember: Slovakia – Belarus (16:15), Switzerland – Norway (20:15)

Saturday, December 20 Switzerland – Slovakia / Belarus (16:15), Norway – Slovakia / Belarus (20:15)