Vondrka belongs to Ruzicka’s favorites. But championship is far, he says

He first moved from financial problems to the Slovakian Slovan Bratislava to Sparta, which caused a resentment as a former fanatic in part of the fans. He helped his former club defeat the derby (9: 4) on February 1, and was subsequently nominated for a hockey team. And in two matches against Russia (3: 0, 4: 3), Vondrka scored three goals and assists.

Vondruk’s fate has rolled over several crucial moments in a few days, but the experienced player just smiles and states: “What happens is happening.” “There’s a great atmosphere here, so I’m always looking forward.I played really well with my boys, “Vondrka said.

On Saturday he returned to the O 2 arena, this time he headed to the well-known cloakroom. “I laughed a little,” he admitted. And while the home crowd was beating him and insulting him horribly, he heard the ovation now. “I did not think of it at all. It did not matter to me that they were whistling at me. I also enjoyed the derby, the difference was that there was a better atmosphere and a bigger visit. We defeated the Russians, it was great, “Vondrka was excited.

A quake from the fourth attack was ranked among the leaders of the Czech selection.Basically, all three goals looked the same – a quick escape, a quick ending in the top corner. “I guess I have good sticks,” says Vondrik. “I was looking at the Russian goalkeeper when he broke and he left the trap down, so I tried to point up. “Vondrka said he did not pay anything for two Saturday bouts in the national team’s bets, the rules are not as strict as in the clubs.

But the Spartan striker added: “I’ll buy something for the next event in the cabin.”

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When will it be? What about May World Championship in Prague?

Vondrka is one of the favorites of coach Vladimir Ruzicka. They are well known, in 2003 a foolish coach pulled South Bohemian offspring into his team and together they won an extra league title seven years ago.Ruzicka also made Vondrka return to Slavia. “He said about the jersey. He played very well, “said Ruzicka, a 32-year-old striker after this event.

” But the world championship is far away, “Vondrka said calmly, even though he adds that the confidence of the coach Energybet online betting promotions is pleased. “It depends on him. He knows what to expect from me. “

In Energybet bet online Sparta, where Vondrka wants to win the championship cup, he should be more visible. “Now I’m going to be a bit of a joke. But I’m hoping that we’ll go with this guy like that, and it will last.

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