The sympathetic devil Anthony Joshua subdues the boxing world

The rising star of the world boxing. Anthony Joshua, a British ringtone, definitely deserves attention. Dazzling with extraordinary talent and indomitable effort. It has the results that put him among the best boxers of history. According to Vladimír Klička, the future of heavy weight is a must. The opponent shakes fast and mercilessly. In the professional ring he has not yet defeated the defeat, in the amateur was defeated only three times. And with one of his conquerors, Dillian Whytem, ​​he will be repaired on Saturday evening in London.

It is a laughing friend in public and among fans, but turns into a ring in a ruthless beast. He wants to destroy his opponent, he does not know anything other than his uncovered places, almost as if he was in a trance. Anthony Joshua is simply a boxer who drives to the full.Each game is refined. It is the symbol of progress.

“He is young, strong, and still performs upward. I think he has a big future in heavy weight, “predicts Daniel Táborský, a twenty-six-year-old Englishman in the amateur super-heavyweight champion.

VIDEO | Look at the crushing punches of Anthony Joshua

Joshua’s popularity is steadily rising. His Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are getting new fans. Gentlemen’s friendly behavior and visage.Few would have pretended to have had problems with a lawyer before a professional boxer.

At eighteen, he found himself in custody for two weeks because of “bruises and other debauchery,” as he told The Guardian. “When you are in custody and you have idiots inside the prison, you will have what you have to do. It was a break. I decided to spend all my energy on the box. “

In 2011, however, he again found himself in court and was sentenced to 100 days of public utility works for marijuana. At the same time, he had to visit the drug counter. He also threatened to take part in the London Olympics in 2012. Eventually, however, Her participated in and won the gold medal in Britain.

He was never afraid of trouble.After school he began to work as a bricklayer. “Active and quite well paid work. I enjoyed that. I worked outdoors and I like it, “he appreciated his first jug.

The training is not saved, which can be seen at a glance. He is one of the most outstanding boxers in the world today. With its robustness and the height of almost two meters it still maintains extraordinary speed. Its dynamic combinations are fatal for the opponents.After the match is over, it shows the joy of success and never forgets to thank the audience for the shots.

Thanks to boxing, he has become a great reader.He has learned that many boxing champions (such as Joe Louis, Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins) have never ceased to educate themselves.

Currently holds the WBC international title and gains increasing respect for experts and colleagues. Neither did Vladimir Klicko admire his praise: “The future of heavy weight belongs to Joshua. I have not seen such an athletic, big, fast and talented athlete like Anthony. “

Joshua’s statistics are all-round: 14 games, 14 winnings. He spent only 25 rounds in the ring.For comparison: Iron Mike Tyson needed only 21 laps for his first fourteen victories, Dr. Iron Hammer Vladimir Klicko 33, Lion Lennox Lewis 43. Since he was boxing in an amateur league where he had three defeats, He has gone a long way.

One of the then slayers, Dillian Whyte, called “The Wicked”, is convinced he can beat him again. The chance is already on Saturday at the O2 Arena in London. “People say it’s not important that I once beat him in an amateur ring. But he was at the end of my strikes, so he still has a subconscious, “Whyte told BBC Sport. “Pumping muscles and being bigger and stronger is one thing.The mentality of the boxer is the second. “

Whyte is in any case supposed to be a dignified opponent to Joshua. He is only one year older and six inches lower. He has a sturdy figure and granite fists. One of his rivals in the amateur league sent a coma for several weeks during a duel. There were already 16 victories between professionals, out of which 13 were knockouts. In 2012, however, he had to interrupt his career for two years because of a positive doping test.

If forecasts are fulfilled, it will be a clear signal of a new heavyweight hero.Anthony Joshua is a personality that can make gentlemen’s duels more attractive and strengthen their position at the head of martial arts.

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