The Sr. in Newcastle belonged to the family. Fans waved from the pitch and from the car

How? Only in good. The Srní had all liked, not only because of how reliable it was in the goalie. The people of Newcastle appreciate the Czech goalie as a precious person, who always spread a good mood around him.

That’s what a journalist, Lee Ryder, remembers, who remembers Srníček at the site

“Pav was a true gentleman, kind, considerate. And he was always more interested in others than himself, “he remembered. “When he arrived, he did not know that so many people would light up the time. That’s why his departure for the Newcastle fans hit – it’s like losing a family member. “

For the ignorant, it may sound a little pathetic, but Srníček really belonged to this” family “.He also named his autobiography by Paul and Geordie, while Geordie is a slang for Newcastle residents. Once he had this inscription printed on a shirt under the jersey and after a 7: 1 victory over Leicester he posed with fans who loved him. Thank you for going after each match. “He always put his hands on his head and clap long, especially the people in the corner of the stadium, where they were still standing,” Ryder said. “Today it is necessary to tell the players to thank, Pav walked by himself.”

No one was thinking of Srníčka as an alien, he became a “adopted” Geordie. According to Ryder, he soon caught a typical local accent, and although he was a goalkeeper, he played the way the fans wanted.

What did that mean?Perhaps Srníček always chose the solution that people on the stands of the St. Stephen’s stadium. James’ Park appreciated. When a back pass flashed, the ball did not fire on the court but rather made the attacker a loop and then bravely to play on the floor of the teammate’s leg.

The fans were grateful for each such moment, and Srníček was grateful again for them. Not only did he get to Newcastle in 1991 not only because of the French passport he had received after his mother, but also because the fans of the twelve million crowns contributed by themselves.It was necessary, Newcastle was in trouble in the second league and the reinforcements did not have much money.

Initially quiet and shy, then he enjoyed the whole cabin

Ryder Srníček personally knew when he was second in the club when he returned in 2006 at the end of his career. But he admired him as a fan and recalled one story in 1995, when the Czech goalie lost his first position.

“Then I went with a few other fans after a lost game with Leeds home by bus. We suddenly see Pav standing behind us. We started waving him, we showed him one, as he is still the first choice for us. He laughed, waved, and showed his raised thumb.Even if he did not have a good time, he was still cheerful. “After years of talking to him, he wondered a bit when another reliable Srníček was late. The explanation, however, disarmed him: “Sorry, in the canteen we had a nice rice pudding as a dessert, I could not miss it!”

The giant now thinks a lot of former teammates. None of them understands why his heart touched so soon.

“He cared about himself, did not drink, did not smoke and train as hard as few.He was one of the healthiest and best people I’ve ever known, “wrote Newcastle’s longtime lieutenant Rob Lee in his memory. “And I’ve never seen him angry, he was really cheerful.”

Next Srnice’s old partner, Mick Quinn, recalled how a Czech rookie worked in the first days. “When he first entered the cabin, he was actually a kid. Eager, silent, he did not say anything, how hard it was for him to get used to the new country. But in the course of time, we knew how great it was. He had a sensational sense of humor, he often laughed and the whole cabin with him. “

The young man had to be hell in the beginning at Newcastle. In addition to language and the new environment, he also fought with the distrust of coach Jim Smith.His new arrival was recommended by a new club scout, Paul Montgomery. And when he first pulled out of his gloved ball three times during the first training, Smith turned to Monty and said, “Let’s admit you had a couple of pitchers, when you watched the boy, “John Gibson added.

After a few days, the coach apologized to the scout: “Sorry, you were right. It will be great. He does not speak English, but when he learns the word, he will help us a lot. “

It has been fulfilled. That’s why they will never forget about New York’s Srníček.