The butcher has joined the league in the basic set for more than a year and a half

After almost four months, defender Radim Řezník entered the competition in the basic set of Victory Plzeň. He even got the opportunity in the opening game for the first time since November 2014, after a surprising draw of 1: 1 with Prague Bohemians 1905 but he could not be completely satisfied. “I’m glad I got a chance. Already ready for half a year, but now it was harder for me not to play a tight match for a couple of weeks, though you are training, but it will not replace you.”I think it was a little bit of a problem,” he said. “It’s been a bit late for the game to replace the midfielder Jan Kovařík.”

While in the last league A duel before a long pause forced by a serious injury to his right knee on the Jablonce goal scored a 2: 1 win, against Bohemians did not go to the attack so much, and rather he was responsible for defending his duties. “Surely it could have been more ahead. We did not have a surprising pass on Milan (Petržel), or I had some start.Not only me, but we could all have more to play this game today, “he commented disappointingly.

Similarly, Pilsner coach also rated Pilsen coach. ” It was even bigger Support on the side with Parsley in the first half. The left side was more active and gave better final passes. But of course it was not a simple match for him and it is a pity that his teammates did not help to make the result positive for us and he could get even more psychologically, “said the 42-year-old coach.

Plzeň Has not yet been able to get a shot in the new season.She has played four games and has scored more than one goal in the first round (in the first round, Jihlava won 2: 1). “We keep the balloon, but we do not get enough of the chances as in previous years, we have few centers, individual events, we have had enough standard situations, but we have not used any of them,” P> At the same time, he said the team must get used to another strategy of the new coach of the Pivarník. “The coach wants us to act more against the invaders, to have a repression, to get a balloon and to play again.It may be something different than before, but we have to do it better and better, “said Butler.

Chvíli also tried a 3-5-2 alignment with which the Brewery He tried to revive the offensive that led to a turnaround in Jihlava. “The other way around, the other is that the coach wants us to be stretched and to give centers from the line. Sparta is trying to play it, it’s more of an alternative for us than to practice it somewhat more. We usually play 4-2-3-1, this has resulted from the fact that we wanted to reverse the game on our side, “he added.