Slovak junior tennis players have confirmed they are among the top

BRATISLAVA. Among junior tennis players, Slovakia has top players. It was confirmed by the Olympic Youth Tournament in Singapore, where the young tennis players got three medals, two bronze, one silver.

Bronze medals were won by the 17-year-old Filip Horanský with Jozef Kovalik and Jan Čepel in doubles. In addition to the 16 year old Chantal, she added Škamlova silver.

“Before we left for Singapore, we counted that tennis players would be among the best, but we did not expect three medals. It is a great success and a great presentation for our tennis, “the president of the Slovak Olympic Committee, František Chmelár, praised young players.Play it safe is vypomstilo

The strength tennis tournament at the Olympics multiplied the head coach of our representatives Peter Huber, who is also a personal trainer Cepelova.

“In Singapore he competed the whole tip of junior tennis. The tournament was categorized And like the Grand Slam event.All players must show off as a representation came, and therefore arrived results. “

The most successful reprezentantkou was Jana Čepelová, who won the only two medals.” We regret that we are in doubles did not receive gold, because we to him were close, but this is great, “noted Košičanka.

“In singles I turn resulted in the semifinals of the Russian Daria Gavrilovovou 1: 0 on sets and 5: 3 in the second, but after that I started to play too much on security, which I vypomstilo.” Premotivovaný Horanský

After the tournament in the junior world ranking moved to 10th place.Coach Huber suggested that if he succeeded in singles, could be brought before a world leader post.

Cepelova also joined the deblových partner with whom won the doubles at the Australian Open.

“The tournament was great, the competition was the best what could be. Silver medals are a great award, “said Škamlová which trains former Representative Martina Suchá.

Filip Horanský with Jozef Kovalik won the doubles bronze. Before the tournament, the results have been waiting mainly from Horanský.

“Personally, I am sorry about singles, I was too premotivovaný, with which I could not cope. In doubles, it was the other.I am pleased that cooperation with Jojoma starts to operate. Our final destination interplay looked like has at Deblov, and not to play with only two singlisti. “