Plzeňský Hrňa prefers to pack a turtle in Brno: It will be like the pupils

A double representative with an upcoming hockey holiday hunted in the memory of the last time looking for intervals between thirds to heaven. And he soon remembered.

“It was sometime in the mid-1990s in the pupils. We played at the Rožnov pod Radhoštěm tournament, “he recalls the Vsetín hockey. For Lužánky he plans to pack a turtleneck for every occasion. “We’re going to get it right, but I do not think he’s going to be hot, he’ll be cold,” he says.

Like the other players, the Hrna monitors weather forecasts. Those last on Sunday promise temperatures around zero. “If it were snowy or frosty, it would be very interesting.”

The winner of the 2011 Třinec Extraliga is looking forward to the turbulent atmosphere that Brno hockey players often envy.It will be multiplied at the provisional high capacity stadium.

“It may be the first time and the last time I have ever experienced anything like this. I will play in front of the top viewer of my career, “he says with 26 goals the best shot last season. In this year, he has hosted four interventions, three of them Třinec, who sent him from Silesia to a team of Indians before Christmas.

In the West of Bohemia, the sleeping cannon began to awaken slowly. The first three matches were exploding, on Wednesday, with his fourth goal in the season, he supported the win of Pilsen in Vítkovice 4: 2. The West Bohemians also won the third prize in their turn and before their departure to Brno, the winning atmosphere in their camp is still dominant.

“Even when I arrived, it was good.That was when the team was in the third table, now we are the other. We do not have to worry, the players have no stress, everything goes smoothly, “she praises.

Although Kometa does not go through the ideal period and the table is currently up to eighth, she feels a chance for success. They know well in Pilsen. “The Extraliga is fairly balanced this year. Even with such a Litvinov who is the last one to play, the teams play the even-numbered part of the table. In Brno, the winner of the win will win, “predicts 88 player, Tomáš Svoboda will be out of Tomorrow’s game tomorrow.

” Brno is the club, he did not allow the start. Instead, someone else will add Mirke Preisinger, “says Hrna, who wants to win the extra match. “We have to shoot from all positions and stop the balls from starting.Then we will have the experience even bigger, “he concludes.