Kreuziger on 10th place at the Tour de France: I’m not excited about it

DIRECT FROM FRANCE Three years ago, Roman Kreuziger (30) on the Tour de France was fifth with more time to reach the tenth overall this year in Paris. And it gives its result in strong competition. But he points out: “I’ve had better results here. That I would be excited about the dozen. “After Saturday’s decisive alpine stage, he felt that he could run for at least 13 seconds in the final sinking, and that would be enough for him to be seventh.

Was the night of Saturday-Sunday shaking those doubts? Have you taken the tenth place at the mercy?
“I left the track at maximum and from this point of view I have no problem with my placement. Of course, those seconds hurt me, so…at the moment, the top ten are pretty well balanced.Froome (the winner) is somewhere else, Bardet (overall second) is also a bit bounced, but the rest was a bit. Damage. It could have been even better. “

Do you regret what has happened over the last three weeks of your concept?
” That’s all, Has the value to solve. There were positive things like timeouts, which I did both, there were some worse races where I wasted time. That’s how it was. “

Where in your career is this tenth place?
” I’m not the one who would evaluate these things. I still have a fifth place in 2013 and it will be the highest. I was at the top of the rankings I’ve ever been, I’ve finished the Tour as the ninth and eighth…the ten is simply a worse position than I used to be.I’m glad she’s done, I will not be ashamed to be a good jump to the next program. “

What would you like to remember most of this year’s tour?
” The second stage was going on when Peter was going (Sagan) to yellow. For the whole team and for me, given that I had a lot of credit, it was a great experience. That pleased me. I think we had a good part here, and the Tour ran away quite a bit. “

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