It was extreme, said Shatan of the KHL referees

BRATISLAVA. It was a special match. Strongly strengthened Slovan in its opening contest of the new KHL won the third time finally.

Although there was no sharp hockey against Medveschak Zagreb, the rulers Alexei Belov and Andrey Rogacov have handed over 27 two-minute penalties. Twelve home, fifteen guests. They rarely played five in five and spectators often watched the power games.

This has had a significant impact on the result.The Bratislavaers have used the advantage three times and this was the basis of the 5: 2 victory.

“I think the judges strictly abide by the purity of the game, but now it seemed like they were whistling what was not and spoiling the fluency of the game,” said Slovan Miroslav Šatan, former Slovan player.

“I had the feeling at the end of the match, as if the attackers were afraid to defend the attackers, because when they touched them, they went out. It was extreme, “he added.

Shatan has played for two slots in the KHL in the KHL 44 games and does not remember that so many of the games have been eliminated. The Slovak team had just Medveščak in the last game in the last match of the base part, the men in striped T-shirts gave ten two-minute penalties – five domestic Bratislavčan and five Zagreb.Now almost three times. Strictly judged by hockey, particularly sensitive to hooks and chopping.

“It has been seen that the referees have been given instructions on how to whistle and the players have been a little surprised. One powerball followed after another, “said Shatan. “It’s usually the case that after two weeks the teams begin to complain and the downward trend is hampered. I think it will be so. “

Former Captain Slovan last night with his family to New York and he does not plan to return so early. His career ended after May’s MS in Belarus and he did not return to the ice. Chada respects the trend

The coach of the Bratislava team, Rostislav Čada, has welcomed the stricter trend of assessing the procedures. Players have been alerting them already in preparation.In eleven fights of the first two days KHL was the average of the penalties of 39 minutes per match.

“The rules and development of hockey are meant to make players skate. The team also scores more goals, “said coach Slovan Čada.

“It’s my philosophy and I’m glad it’s getting more and more of it all the time. On Wednesday I saw an opening match of the Magnitogorsk – Dinamo Moscow contest and I noticed a strict referee’s meter. Each competition has its own trend. KHL has the conditions set in this way and we have to respect them. “

With the greater number of excluded, the importance of powerups increases. The Slavs did not play in the Premier League, but Chad went out with the attack of Nagya in a defensive pair with Sersen.Since the new season, the blue line has been shifted by one and a half meters, the creative Nagy had a space for precise passes and an end in the increased attack zone.

Not all of the home team came out, at the end of the second third at the 3: 1 level they missed a two-minute five-handed game against three. They could break the opponent.

“The unused two-player game was the only major drawback to our game,” Chada added. “Nagy has not even touched it once.

Ladislav Nagy is the first heroic slogan in KHL, he managed it in his new premiere right away.

After the victory, he suppressed the euphoria and rather drew attention to the next encounter.

“The Russian judges have been whistling everything, so we have to be careful.It has to be more skating, “warned an experienced wanderer, who never touched his team on Thursday.

“Magnitogorsk has a striking first attack by Moziakin – Blacksmith – Zaripov and great power-ups. Exclusions could come in very costly. We want to score. “

Slovan plays on the ice of Gagarin’s champion on Saturday at 13.00, the match is broadcast by Sport2. Out of the game.