Icardi has interfered with the fans of the Inter, but the captain remains

Inter Milan fans have a number of reasons for betting sidor bonusar dissatisfaction in recent years, and Mauro Icardi is now the target of their criticism. The Argentine striker extended the contract a week and a half ago and on the weekend he published his autobiography, which is a thorn in the sportspel online eyes of supporters of Nerazzurri…

Southamerican football player returns for example to a match with Sassuole on February 1, 2015. Inter He lost 1: 3 on the opponent’s ground and Icardi got into the word shootout with fans after the final whistle. And I do not like the way the player has modified it.

“I came to the pitch in the second half and scored a single goal in the 83rd minute, so it ended 3: 1. I’m angry, I played little, the fans were unhappy and they wanted us to come to the sector.I found the courage to face them, just like Guarin. As I approached, I was offended by every kind. Just outside the net was a boy who wanted my jersey.

Because of age, this could be my son. I took off my jersey and shirt and threw it as a gift. The boy was in the seventh heavens and I was looking forward to see him so happy, Icardi recalls. “The ultras boss leaped to him, picked up his jersey and threw him back to me. At that moment I began to insult him: You all behave arrogantly. Do you think you are some hardcore?In the booth, I was honored to be a hero, as none of the fan leadership has ever been built yet, “says Icardi’s nearly two-year-old story.

The answers to his book came very quickly and the fans (1: 2), the Argentinec did not change the penalty kick, he had to endure the whistle and did not even have the calm after the game, supporters had to attack his car and a threatening banner.

“It’s pathetic to read such things about us. In his book he writes, ‘I’m ready to face them. How many are there? 50, 100, 200?Okay, take my note and listen: I’ll bring a hundred criminals from Argentina who will kill them wherever they stand, then we’ll see, “ is written in one passage of a book that the fans disagree with.

Icardi’s behavior did not leave cool either, and he was discussing whether the cannon missed the captain’s tape as supporters demanded. Icardi will remain the captain for the moment, but he will be fine and the book will have to be adjusted. , How long will Icardi still play in Milan, given the current tense situation, the media are again speculating about a possible transfer to Naples or Arsenal.

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