Fico cancels referendum on Olympics: It would cost a lot of money!

BRATISLAVA – The government of the Slovak Republic does not intend to organize a referendum on the winter Olympic games in Slovakia because it costs a lot of money. This was announced by Prime Minister Robert Fico after a government meeting that rejected our joint candidacy with Poland for the 2022 Winter Olympics. According to the prime minister, the government must first have a clear view of whether to go to the Olympics or not. < em> “A referendum may also be held on the initiative of a petition, but no one can prevent it, but when it comes to the government, it does not intend to go to a referendum, because it is a very costly thing to do” >

Fico added that on March 27th, Slovak and Polish ministers will meet in Poprad under the leadership of the prime ministers, and will also discuss a joint bidding process.

“Our opinions are getting closer and closer. Without the Chopok-Jasna ski resort, the Poles are not able to organize the Olympic Games,” he added, adding that they would also speak hockey and other topics.

The government supported the Polish side in organizing ZOH 2022. According to Education Minister Dušan Čaplovič, it was mainly based on the decision of the National Olympic Committees of Slovakia and Poland that accepted the declaration that they would jointly apply for the ZOH 2022 Before submitting the official application form,October, in cooperation with the Slovak Olympic Committee, for the negotiation of the government, a comprehensive material, including an analysis of environmental impacts and a quantification of costs for Slovakia.

“The Government, as it also has an environmental dimension, “

The idea to organize the ZOH 2022 also supports the Minister of Agriculture Ľubomír Jahnátek, according to which he would have it was good for Slovakia.

“We do not know the impact on the environment because we do not know what sporting disciplines will be in Slovakia at all and whether the Olympics will be at all in Slovakia.If Slovakia was successful, the candidacy and all preparatory work related to the organization of the 2022 Olympic Games will require an environmental impact assessment, “said Peter Žiga, the Environment Minister, .

the total cost of the Olympics in 2022 are estimated at around two billion US dollars, with a focus on investments to be borne by Poland. If Slovakia will participate in the Olympics in 2022 and should organize competitions in skiing – downhill disciplines, which could In Jasná, however, in the case of a successful candidature, it will be necessary to finish the track for the male runway and super-men’s slalom in Jasna.The Polish side also asks Slovakia to organize competitions in acrobatic skiing, which could be without major changes in the High Tatras. In terms of public interest, the Slovak side would also like to organize a hockey tournament. But the Olympic Charter does not allow it at this moment, and it will all depend on whether the IOC allows the exception.