Bratislava rooting Donetsk captain Leo offended viewers

BRATISLAVA.The captain of the Czech team HC Lev Praha Jiří Novotný mishandled post-match emotional moments in Bratislava Slovnaft Arena after the third meeting semifinal playoff KHL Western Conference with Donbass Donetsk.

Before handshake referee is signaling mediator addressed a group of spectators in the stands for timekeepers.

The arbitrators did not hesitate and immediately saved attacker punishment Novotny their neobmäkčil even longer debate, explaining their actions provocation from the stands.

In the first onlajn the scoresheet on the web Kontinental Hockey League shone in Novotny’s behalf even a penalty in the game, what would stop on Monday’s fourth match.

Finally, the official enrollment received lower disciplinary action by the end of the duel and can board at Monday’s sequel on ice Slovnaft Arena.

Leo won the third duel after a nasty blow Michael stems of Donbas in 74that least 3: 2 and the resulting series of 2: 1. DISTANCE got two

Sports and disciplinary committee punished Novotny KHL later but Michala Birnera Distance in a meeting just for abusive behavior towards fans.

Birner gesture mimicked the captain of his team. Both may not be substituted in Monday’s game against the Donbas again in Bratislava.

Captain Levu Prague can not handle the position. Not only for the first match of Donetsk was unfairly derided as irregular goal. – Tomas Prokop (@Lewysko) March 24, 2014 ‘Home “Donetsk

In Bratislava was the beginning of Sunday’s combat more support on the stands of the Ukrainian team, which was in writing referred to as a home.

“We played outdoors and the audience cheered them. Certainly we do not mind because we are used to it. When we play against Bratislava, also we no not a fan. We’re at least glad they came because it’s better, as if it was empty auditorium, “he told the club website Levu Michal Řepík.

“Of course, we know that we shout something, especially after the match.That we can only laugh, because we’re still playing and the players Slovan have long been at home, “said Řepík.

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